The elegant Adel collection Mia Sofia - is sophistication permeated with restrained notes of passion. The combination of gray and burgundy tones of the printed satin only adds romance to your image. The Adel collection is presented by five styles of the fitted or semi-fitted silhouette. Made from printed satin, chemises and robes attract restrained and at the same time playful combination of colours - gray and bright burgundy. Here you will find everything: convenience, beauty, sexuality and practicality. The following models are presented in the collection: long and short nightdresses in different design solutions, short robe and pyjama set and a classic long robe.

Adel 9403 Short Dressing Gown

£55.00 Was £75.00

Adel 9404 Short Nightdress

£43.00 Was £59.00

Adel 9406 Pyjama Set

£69.00 Was £95.00

Adel 9408 Nightdress

£47.00 Was £59.00

Adel 9409 Long Dressing Gown

£59.00 Was £79.00